Do you currently have a 5 ton overhead crane that’s going to be delivered to your facility? You will need to install this the appropriate way. It is important to use the proper brackets and bolts that will secure this so that it cannot fall, ensuring that it has enough stability to lift 10,000 pounds of weight. If this is a gantry crane, there are going to be supporting beams, and a runway structure, typically with some type of trolley that will move back-and-forth. You will need to work with a professional company that will install this for you so that it is completely safe. Here are some general tips that they will follow as they are installing your 5 ton overhead crane so that it can be a useful and safe addition to the tools that you have at your facility.

Ellsen overhead crane 5 ton for sale
Ellsen overhead crane 5 ton for sale

How To Begin The Installation

An overhead bridge crane factory that is this size will likely be installed indoors, utilizing the supporting structure of the building that it will be within. There will be runway beams on either side, upon which the bridge girder will rest. If it is a mobile gantry crane that moves back and forth, the bridge girder will be attached with end trucks on either side. Bumpers will be installed to prevent it from going too far, along with the bridge idler wheel. There will be a separate drive or motor for the lateral movement along the runway beams, and the trolley frame will be connected to the bridge girder. The hoist will be attached to the trolley, and a counterweight will be on the other side.

Shop Light Duty Small Crane for sale
Shop Light Duty Small Crane for sale

How Long Will It Take To Install?

The length of time it will take to install will depend upon the complexity of the overhead crane that you have purchased. Depending upon the height of the ceiling, or if this is actually going to be installed outside with a separate supporting structure, it can take several weeks. If this is going to be installed in a building that is also being constructed simultaneously, this makes it easier to use larger heavy lifting cranes with booms that can simply lower the runway beams and bridge girder into place. It may take longer in a building with a very low ceiling, requiring special equipment that can raise the materials high enough where they can be welded into place.

Ellsen Double Girder Crane for Sale
Ellsen Double Girder Crane for Sale

How To Find An Installation Company

You can easily find an installation company that will help you out. There will likely be several businesses that can offer you this type of service. Not only will they verify that everything has been welded properly, but they will test the electrical system attached to the overhead crane, testing its ability to move laterally and also will test the hoist and trolley mechanisms. Businesses that have done several of these jobs in your area should be utilized based upon their reputation and the prices of the overhead crane 5 ton that they charge. If you have an associate or noncompetitive business that has recently installed one, you may ask them for a recommendation for one of these companies.

Single girder crane with grab for sale
Single girder crane with grab for sale

Once you have found a business that can help you, you should have no problem at all installing the 5 ton light duty small overhead crane in a matter of weeks. Once it has been tested and evaluated, it will be ready to use. Make sure that you are purchasing this from a business that can offer you not only a low price, the quality equipment that will last for decades. In no time at all, you will have one of these overhead cranes installed in a building, or on your property, that can help improve your productivity. More detailed iformation, welcome to


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