After Holiaday, a new working day has begun.

Ellsen Single Girder Overhead Crane with Electric Hoist

So if you have any questons about the overhead cranes or the girder overhead gantry cranes, you can get me in touch, and I will try my best to solve the problems you have put forward.

Here today I would like to give you a short introduction to Ellsen series crane products. Ellsen Crane Machinery Comapany with almost two decade years experience in the crane manufacturing industry. It is an integrated company, with business in crane research, development, manufacturing, supplying, installation and maintenance.

Hot Sale Ellsen Customized Double Girder Overhead Crane

In Ellsen, we provide you different kind of overhead cranes. There are overhead cranes for general usage in your workstation or workshops. However, there are also professional overhead cranes which can be applied in special working occassions, such as the steel mill industry, foundery industry, chemical industry, marine transportation industry. Here in Ellsen, we can specially provide you foundery overhead cranes for your steel mills.

Electromagnetic Overhead Crane with Carrier Beam for Sale

The steel mill ladle cranes is a kind of heavy duty overehead crane with double girders which can load heavy loading metal materials in your steel work. Its capacities range 50 tons to 500 tons, which can be customized according to customers’ specific demands. Some other overhead  cranes, such as the electromagnetic overhead travelling crane, ex-proof overhead crane, scrap handling overhead crane, I will talk to you laater. Or browse the website:

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