Hello every one, have not seen you for several days, these days I am busy i doing my engineering work on cranes. Today, I would like to give you a short introduction about a kind of lifting equipment the workshop ex-proof hoist , which have taken up my best part of time to design and develop such kind of products.

BCD Type Explosion Proof Wirerope Electric Hoist

More information about the ex-proof electric hoist: http://steelmillcranes.com/ellsen-explosion-proof-electric-hoist/

The ex-proof electric hoist is not much exprensive in price from Ellsen, comapared to many others electric hoists manufacturing factories in China. I got this discovery through my sseveral moths browsing both online and offline in the electric hoist market in China.

Electric Chain Block

So, if you would like to buy one electric hoist at a low cost, Ellsen, one credible lifting equipment manufacturing comany in China would be your prime chioce.


The comapany exportys many kinds of lifting equipments such as the overhead cranes, customized double girder gantry cranes, electric hists and winches every year at a very competyitive price compared to some other manufactures in China, want to know more information about this comany, you can browsee: http://steelmillcranes.com/ 

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